Hirudo Verbana



Bio-farm “M.S. Sülük Üretim Çiftliği” is the first in its sphere leeches farm in Turkey as to the production scales and innovative ideas for cultivation of a good-quality medicinal leeches. 


About Us

Leeches Bio-farm “M.S. Sülük Üretim Çiftliği” is a Turkish company incorporated in 2012 in the European part of Istanbul. Initially, the primary activities were hirudo-therapeutic centers but in due course we came to the understanding that the cost of this disappearing kind of the medicinal leeches (hirudo verbana) is growing at the market from year to year, because the sellers of leeches (hirudo verbana) are experiencing deficit due to uncontrolled catching of leeches by poachers. We have charged ourselves with a challenging task to create the biggest in Europe bio-farm for medicinal leeches (hirudo verbana) cultivation.

Use Of Leeches

Although several types of leeches (hirudo verbana) exist, the medicinal leeches Hirudo Verbana are mostly widely used in medicine, since they are the most effective in therapeutic goals.
The product quality is the priority for Bio-farm M.S. Sülük Üretim Çiftliği: the leeches (hirudo verbana) sold by it, have been kept without food for at least 3 months, have never had any contact with human blood and feed in the natural environment.
With due regard to different medical applications and methods of application (quantity, frequency, area and technique of use),


A team of the competent, well-trained and reasoned employees works at our bio-farm “M.S. Sülük Üretim Çiftliği”. They take an active part in the procedure of the qualitative production and are devoted to the strict complieance with the rules and safety rules, what is one more important factor in ensuring high-quality manufacture.
On its part, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Domestic Livestock Breeding of the Repiblic of Turkey has issued to our company a license for certificate of conformity of our activities and the right for cultivation, sales and transportation of aquatic species of live animals, in this case – medicinal leeches (hirudo verbana).

For private persons who are not familiar with the leech therapy, the company has an opportunity to provide the addresses of the therapeutists who can give them a necessary consultation. Before an order is confirmed, it is necessary to know the way to apply a leech and how often it might be done, as well as any possible contra indications.



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