About Us

Bio-farm M.S. Sülük Üretim Çiftliği is a Turkish company incorporated in 2012 in the European part of Istanbul. Initially, the primary activities were hirudo-therapeutic centers but in due course we came to the understanding that the cost of this disappearing kind of the medicinal leeches (hirudo verbana) is growing at the market from year to year, because the sellers of leeches (hirudo verbana) are experiencing deficit due to uncontrolled catching of leeches by poachers. We have charged ourselves with a challenging task to create the biggest in Europe bio-farm for medicinal leeches (hirudo verbana) cultivation.

As of today, bio-farm M.S. Sülük Üretim Çiftliği is the largest producer of a medicinal leech (hirudo verbana) in Turkey. Annually, we cultivate approximately 5,000,000 pcs medicinal leeches (hirudo verbana).

Bio-farm M.S. Sülük Üretim Çiftliği is the first in its sphere hirudo nursery-garden in Turkey as to the production scales and innovative ideas for cultivation of a good-quality leech (hirudo verbana).

The hirudo nursery-garden is located in the territory of 5 ha, near the national park GALA in city of Ipsala, Edirne district, in the picturesque part of the Western Trakya. In our territory, there are 200 fitted water reservoirs with the automatic water circulation obtained from a natural lake. To cultivate a high-quality leech (hirudo verbana) we have made their environmental conditions as close to the natural environment as possible.

We guarantee the high quality of our products and year-round stable supplies. We are looking forward to the long-term and fruitful cooperation with everyone interested.

Advantages for customers:

• guaranteed quality of our leech (hirudo verbana) complying with all the requirements of the world quality and safety standards.

• introduction of procedures guaranteeing quality and traceability, that are the main requirements in this sphere (control of feed, control of a period of abstinence from food etc.)