Leeches Sale

Our medicinal leeches (Hirudo Verbana) are ready for sales after 3-month quarantine.
Leeches (Hirudo Verbana) are sold directly to hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmaceutists, veterinarians, naturopathic practitioners and research centres.
For private persons who are not familiar with the leech therapy, the company has an opportunity to provide the addresses of the therapeutists who can give them a necessary consultation. Before an order is confirmed, it is necessary to know the way to apply a leech and how often it might be done, as well as any possible contra indications.
Our company sells three kinds of leeches (Hirudo Verbana) that are classified in the following way:
1. Cosmetic – from 0.5 g to 1 g
2. Standard – from 1 g to 2 g
3. Big (Queen) – from 2 to 3 g
But if customers wish, other sizes can be also supplied.
Leeches (Hirudo Verbana) are sold individually and are transported by an express shipping company to ensure a quick supply. We pack leeches (Hirudo Verbana) into a wet coarse calico sack that is placed into a special box. Then we place package into a waterproof polystyrene box to be able to transport the product in a safe manner. To the first order the instructions are attached, in which the methods of storage and disposal after use of leeches are described in detail.
Prior to receive leeches (Hirudo Verbana) the buyers need to acquire a glass or plastic vessel and filtered water.
The company does not accept the returns of the sold leeches that have already been dispatched to the customers, since a chain of the leeches’ control traceability has been violated. The products’ quality can be guaranteed only in case the leeches (Hirudo Verbana) have been stored and used by the customer according to the provided recommendations (for single use only).
We remind!!! that leeches (Hirudo Verbana) are meant only for a single use and are to be disposed after use!

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